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Regulations on gift cards with a face value of 50 USD or greater

Bonus Terms and Conditions

1. Participants of this bonus program are provided with a Standard Market bonus account with 1:500 leverage. The bonus account is not subject to any changes in the Personal area.

2. The Bonus offer is available only to new clients who have not previously funded their accounts with AMarkets and have completed general verification in the “Personal Information” section.

3. A Client can not deposit his own funds to the Bonus account.

4. The Bonus is a one-time offer and can be credited to the Bonus trading account only once. A Client is not eligible to claim and receive the bonus for the second time in accordance with the Bonus Terms and Promotions.

5. In the event that the Company has reasonable grounds to assume that a Client is using additional accounts for the purpose of obtaining the bonus or discovers any other fraudulent activity, the Company reserves the right to block all of the above-mentioned accounts and write off the profit obtained from trading with the bonus funds without prior notice.

6. A Client participating in the Promotion can trade using the bonus funds within 14 (fourteen) days from the automatic bonus accrual. During this period, the Client can withdraw his profit, obtained from trading, from the Bonus trading Account to the Wallet, and then to verified payment details while simultaneously satisfying the following conditions:

  • The promotion participant has generated a trading turnover of at least 1% of the bonus amount. The turnover calculation does not include transactions where the difference between the opening and closing price is less than 10 pips. Special conditions are applied to the following trading instruments: XAU/USD – 50 pips, XAG/USD – 100 pips.
  • Turnover is calculated based on the trading activity in Forex pairs and Metals;
  • The maximum profit available for withdrawal is $100. If the total profit received on the bonus account exceeds this threshold, the remaining funds will be written off from the Client’s Bonus account automatically. If a Client has fulfilled the necessary conditions but failed to withdraw the profit made by trading on the bonus account within 14 (fourteen) days, his Bonus trading account will be closed, and the profit received will be canceled;
  • Taking an opposite position in the same instrument is prohibited;
  • A Client has confirmed his identity with the Company manager during the verification call.


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Date of Last Revision 24/05/2023